Logic Invoice System Settings



Logic Invoice is built in a way that allows it to support multiple languages. To add a new language to the administration panel, add the language files to admin/language/*your_language_folder*. To add it to the front end of Logic Invoice, add the files to front/language/*your_language_folder*.

Adding a New Language

adding languages
Name Name of the language
Code ISO language code
Locale This is used by browsers to detect the language of the site automatically
Image Used for all language tabs found in the administration panel
Directory The directory (file name) where the language files are found


error logs

Activity Log

All system activities are logged here.

Error Log

System errors will be logged here.



general settings
Name The name that will appear on Logic Invoice, such as in emails, except in invoices
Registered name The name that will appear in invoices
Address Address of your business
Email The main email address of your business
Telephone Business telephone number
Fax Business fax number


website settings

On this page, you will configure the settings for both the administration and the front end of your Logic Invoice website. The main content on your front end home page is also configured here.


accounting settings

This page is where you will configure your Accounting settings, including the functional currency that your business operates in, the financial year end, as well as whether to automatically update the different exchange rates daily.


billing settings

You will be able to configure your invoice settings on this page.

Recurring Payments

recurring payment settings

This page allows you to configure the settings for Recurring Payments.


mail settings
Mail Protocol If PHP Mail is set up on your site’s server, you can use “Mail”. Otherwise, you will have to use SMTP and fill up the SMTP settings instead.
Mail Parameter The email address to be used if “Mail” is selected as the Mail Protocol. E.g. -fcontact@yourstore.com
SMTP Fields Fill in these fields only if your Mail Protocol is set to “SMTP”


server settings

Server settings should only be modified if you are sure your server supports the settings.


statuses settings

The statuses that are available in your Logic Invoice can be found here. You may add, edit, or delete the statuses according to your needs. Do be sure to check all your other configurations that uses statuses, especially after you deleted a status.


Here, you will find a list of all users. You may add, edit or delete users from this page.

User Groups

user groups settings

You may create multiple user groups for your administration panel users and restrict their access to certain areas by selecting/deselecting their permissions.