Logic Invoice Reports


Chart of Accounts

chart of accounts

The Chart of Accounts page gives you a quick overview of all your accounts that you have created so far. You will also be able to easily generate a printer-friendly version by clicking on the Print button.

Statement of Comprehensive Income (SCI)

income statement

The Statement of Comprehensive Income, also known as the Income Statement, provides you with your business’ financial performance over the specified period. A printer-friendly version can be generated by clicking on the print button.

Statement of Financial Position (SFP)

balance sheet

The Statement of Financial Position, also known as a Balance Sheet, provides a snapshot of your business’ current assets, liabilities and equities. You may use the printer button to generate a printer-friendly version.

Invoices Report

invoices report

Invoices Report allows you to have an overview of the invoices you have collected for the period specified.

Recurring Payments Report

recurring payments report

On this page, you will be able to have an overview of the recurring payments that you have collected for the period specified.